A Service of Farewell

Tom Payne, Celebrant, will help you plan a caring, sensitive funeral celebration..

You never failed to do your best,
Your heart was true and tender,
You simply lived for those you loved
And those you loved remember.

A Service that is Personal and Meaningful

As an experienced funeral celebrant, Tom provides a funeral service that is personal, sensitive, meaningful and respectful.

Whilst Tom’s ceremonies are not of a traditional religious nature, they may reflect the degree of spirituality that is meaningful to the family, offering comfort, support and a sense of hope. The family is encouraged to help choose the wording, music and readings that are appropriate to pay tribute to the life of their beloved family member.

A Service that is Flexible

Tom’s funeral ceremonies are always personal, individually tailored to suit the particular philosophy of the deceased, and can be non-religious, semi-religious or spiritual.

It is quite common for Tom’s funerals to contain a time of reflection, the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, but only if the family chooses.

It is a flexible service, which allows for the possible inclusion of different speakers, the playing of music, and the reading of verse, poems or other relevant material.

A Fitting Farewell

Tom Payne’s loving and sensitive ceremonies enable the family to say goodbye to their loved one by honouring them with a personal and meaningful celebration of their life. Tom gently guides you through the process and helps you choose the most appropriate style of service to make it a fitting and worthy farewell.

Whilst acknowledging that the death of a loved one is always a sad occasion, Tom feels a funeral should not focus entirely on grief and misery. Instead it should celebrate the life of the deceased and encourage mourners to contemplate not only what they have lost, but what they have gained from having that special person in their lives.

Lasting Memories

After the service, Tom presents the family with a complete written copy of the ceremony, and if appropriate a CD recording of all the music played. These are the little extras that create lasting memories for the family.


Funeral services by Tom Payne are arranged through Turnbull Family Funerals, Graham Family Funerals, Phillip Stephens Funerals and Millingtons. The funeral director of your choice should be your first point of contact.